Sai che ti farei
Ma c’è il coprifuoco dalle sei
Mi si sono rotte le buffalo
Correndo per arrivare al Louvre
Da te ma non c’eri più

Sai che mi hanno messo le manette
per un poco d’erba ho mentito un po’
Mi scusi non ho voce
Je ne parle pas francais

Everything so clear
Baby I Believe in karma

U can keep ur greed
and My Kawasaki sweater

Even if u get me high
I can let u damage my heart uuuuu
Dont tell me that u are sorry
Cause i’m to blame too

Tell me do you love me like I do

I left tired and confused
U right I wasn’t really here for u

Why is so hard to silence this attraction?
To Separate sex and emotion

In my mind my mind
I lie u lie we lie

Baby I Believe in karma
U know I don’t need drama
Let me put your number on the call block
please don’t try to call my mama

U will get what u deserve
What if what i really deserve is u
I with that u were me
I wouldn’t die for u

If a were